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Declaration of Conformity

Place of Issue: Ringgold, GA

Date of Issue: March 22, 2002

DataFM, Inc. located at 670 Lafayette Street, Ringgold, GA 30736 in the United State of America hereby certifies that the dialer, model no S.A.M. II bearing labeling identification number US: 2JBOT00SAMII complies with the Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC”) Rules and Regulations 47 CFR Part 68, and the Administrative Council on Terminal Attachments (“ACTA”) adopted technical criteria TIA/EIA/IS-968, Telecommunications – Telephone Terminal Equipment – Technical Requirements for Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network, July 2001.

DataFM, Inc. hereby asserts that the dialer, model no S.A.M. II does not utilize a handset and therefore is not subject to complies with §68.316 of the FCC Rules and Regulations defining Hearing Aid Compatible (“HAC”) and, as such, is deemed compatible with hearing aids.

Marshall M. Bandy, Jr