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Community Messenger is a new way to stay up-to-the minute with your community news. Traffic information, weather up-dates, emergency warnings and specific group messages are broadcast to you by using the newest FM radio technology.

Has there been an accident in your neighborhood? Is there a tornado warning? Has band practice been canceled? What time is the t-ball game? Community Messenger provides the answers to these questions for your family. Accidents are reported for the roads you travel. Weather warnings are just for your location. Times of events or cancellations are listed for only your schools or clubs. If your Community Messenger light is blinking or the audio alert sounds, then you know there is a message of interest for your family.

From the local church group, school, club or civic organization one phone call is all that is needed to send a message. Any organization in the local community may lease a phone number from Community Messenger. The messages are sent out over local and regional areas and received by Community Messenger units. Instantly everyone in your group simultaneously receives the needed announcement. You create your own directory by naming the groups and individuals from whom you wish to receive messages.

The National Weather Service supplies weather up-dates three times or more each day as necessary. Sports, stock market reports, national news, local news and items of regional interest are all available with Community Messenger.