Community Messenger
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The Community Messenger
How do I make it work?
Rules For Proper Operation
Community Messenger Quick Installation
Community Messenger Unit
Data Signal:
Volume Control:
Power Supply:
DB9 connector (RS232 data port):
Batteries are Low
Please Replace the 6 AA Size Batteries
Signal Problems
Blinking Red Light
If The Unit Isn’t Receiving a Signal:
Opening Screen
The Key Pad
Alpha Mode
The Menu
Set Phone Numbers
A. Personal Contact Phone Numbers
B. Emergency Contact Phone Numbers
C. Alpha Mode
D. Alarm Setting
2. The Clock/Alarm Clock
3. Radio Station.
4. Select Community
Scrolling Ads
Community Messages
Personal Contact Messages
Emergency Messages
Zip Codes
Traffic Reports
Entertainment Radio
Live Messages
Additional Information
Things not to do with the receiver:
Important Safety Instructions
Options and Accessories
FM Tuner (addition)
Auto Power Accessory
Message Printer
Class B Equipment
Limited Ninety Day Warranty

Community Messenger Quick Installation

1. Install batteries by removing the cover from the bottom of unit by using a small Phillips head screwdriver. To remove plastic strip holding the battery case pull down on the tiny release tab at the connection point of the strip. Do not operate with batteries except for emergencies as the unit uses a computer chip constantly reading data and it will drain the batteries within 24 hours.
2. Insert power supply plug into the small black receptacle in rear of unit.
3. Extend the antenna to its full length.
4. Tune the radio to your hometown radio station broadcasting the Community Messenger Inc. data. In Catoosa County it is WSGC 101.9. In Hamilton County Tennessee it can be 99.3, 97.3 or 103.5. Also 104.1 in Ringgold for emergency backup. These frequencies may change from time to time, therefore check with your system operator if you don’t find your data system.
      To tune the radio do the following: Press bpad.jpg - 1186 Bytes then, press 3pad.jpg - 1243 Bytes, then enter 1019 (do not attempt to enter a decimal/period), then press cpad.jpg - 1205 Bytes to enter the station frequency and automatically return to the main menu.
5. Make certain that you have a good signal. You should play the radio by pressing dpad.jpg - 1207 Bytes. The signal is good if the radio plays and the data light is clear and not flickering. The data light is the LED light to the left and above the keypad. The unit should work if you can receive your hometown radio station (WSGC 101.9 or any of the other signals noted above) on your automobile radio at your location and your automobile radio displays a stereo signal. It is possible that an outside TV or FM antenna will be necessary if you are in an area or location that is at the fringes of the signal, is blocked by terrain or has high RF noise. (Radio frequency noise is noise that is generated by electric motors, computers or other equipment generating its own spurious RF signals)
      You may have to move the unit around in the room in order to find a perfect signal location. If you cannot find a perfect signal location you may have to connect it to an outside antenna such as your TV rooftop antenna etc.
6. You should enter your ZIP code to receive emergency information specifically tailored for your immediate ZIP code area. There are codes already programmed into the receiver that you cannot erase or modify that will allow emergency messages to be sent to all receivers. To tailor the unit for your area you should program your ZIP code. There will also be a map published very soon of your area for other emergency information ranging from your neighborhood, town, community and even your street. Those numbers will be published on the internet at You should also set the alarm for the zip code to CONT (Continuous).
      To set your zip code do the following: Press bpad.jpg - 1186 Bytes, 1pad.jpg - 1131 Bytes, then 2pad.jpg - 1161 Bytes to select Emergency Numbers, then press 0+zipcode+6 (for example 0307366)
      To set the alarm press the pound.jpg - 1198 Bytes key until you have set the alarm setting you desire. We recommend setting the ZIP CODE number to CONT as that is a continuous alarm sound. All alarms last for approximately 3 minutes before they stop unless you stop it before the 3-minute cut off. A blinking light remains until you have read the message.
      You may now name the number “ZIP” by entering the ALPHA MODE by doing the following: Press the asterick.jpg - 1158 Bytes key, then press 1pad.jpg - 1131 Bytes three times for Z (the number one key will display SPACE, Q, and Z) then press cpad.jpg - 1205 Bytes to advance the cursor then press the 4pad.jpg - 1194 Bytes key three times for I then cpad.jpg - 1205 Bytes to advance the cursor then press the 7pad.jpg - 1128 Bytes key once for the letter P. Now press the asterick.jpg - 1158 Bytes key to exit ALPHA MODE and cpad.jpg - 1205 Bytes to return to the main menu. You can check your work by pressing bpad.jpg - 1186 Bytes then 1pad.jpg - 1131 Bytes then 2pad.jpg - 1161 Bytes to see if you entered the information properly. Press cpad.jpg - 1205 Bytes when you are finished.
7. To receive specific information and emergency warnings for your area, it is necessary to enter the number assigned to your specific, local community. Starting from the main screen, press bpad.jpg - 1186 Bytes to select the menu, then press 4pad.jpg - 1194 Bytes to enter the Select Community mode. Enter the number and press cpad.jpg - 1205 Bytes to return to the main screen 8. If you wish to receive periodic test messages from the system operator you may do so by entering the test telephone number 555-5555. Press bpad.jpg - 1186 Bytes to go to the menu, then 1pad.jpg - 1131 Bytes for “Set Phone Numbers” then 5555555 then cpad.jpg - 1205 Bytes to return to the main screen.
9. Your telephone number can be entered so the sheriff, emergency management or other emergency agency can contact you individually if your telephone is not working. It may be entered the same as the ZIP CODE and the test numbers.
10. Consult your manual if you should have problems. The manual has detailed instructions for each function. If you should continue to have problems on line help is available at or call 937-8707.