Community Messenger
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The Community Messenger
How do I make it work?
Rules For Proper Operation
Community Messenger Quick Installation
Community Messenger Unit
Data Signal:
Volume Control:
Power Supply:
DB9 connector (RS232 data port):
Batteries are Low
Please Replace the 6 AA Size Batteries
Signal Problems
Blinking Red Light
If The Unit Isn’t Receiving a Signal:
Opening Screen
The Key Pad
Alpha Mode
The Menu
Set Phone Numbers
A. Personal Contact Phone Numbers
B. Emergency Contact Phone Numbers
C. Alpha Mode
D. Alarm Setting
2. The Clock/Alarm Clock
3. Radio Station.
4. Select Community
Scrolling Ads
Community Messages
Personal Contact Messages
Emergency Messages
Zip Codes
Traffic Reports
Entertainment Radio
Live Messages
Additional Information
Things not to do with the receiver:
Important Safety Instructions
Options and Accessories
FM Tuner (addition)
Auto Power Accessory
Message Printer
Class B Equipment
Limited Ninety Day Warranty

3pad.jpg - 1243 Bytes Radio Station

radio_station.jpg - 9424 Bytes
The Community Messenger uses an FM radio frequency, therefore, you must select the appropriate station broad-casting the DataFM codes and data.

From the opening screen, press bpad.jpg - 1186 Bytes to select the menu, then press 3pad.jpg - 1243 Bytes to select Set Radio Station. Example: In Catoosa County, key in 1019. Press cpad.jpg - 1205 Bytes to enter and return to the opening screen. The decimal point, such as 101.9, is not necessary.

The Community Messenger will scan and select a station on its own, but you should manually select the desired station as there may be more than one station that the radio can tune to broadcasting DataFM codes. Your receiver will probably be able to receive network affiliated stations capable of sending you messages from adjoining communities, therefore, you should select the station in your community sending messages of interest. The primary station for your community will be given to you at the time you buy the receiver. You can also view a listing of stations with maps on

If you are not receiving a good signal, while in the “Set Radio Station” menu, try pressing pound.jpg - 1198 Bytes to select the distance mode. If the signal doesn’t improve, return to the local mode and install an external antenna.

When the signal for the primary station is lost, the unit will automatically search for another station and will lock onto the new signal, but it will continue checking the original signal until the station returns to service. This will allow for emergency messages when your hometown station is off the air for any reason.

4pad.jpg - 1194 Bytes Select Community

select_community.jpg - 10313 Bytes

From the main screen, press bpad.jpg - 1186 Bytes to select the menu, then press 4pad.jpg - 1194 Bytes to enter the Select Community mode. You will then enter a number that is assigned to your specific, local community. This number allows the receiver to receive area specific information as well as emergency warnings for your area.