Community Messenger
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The Community Messenger
How do I make it work?
Rules For Proper Operation
Community Messenger Quick Installation
Community Messenger Unit
Data Signal:
Volume Control:
Power Supply:
DB9 connector (RS232 data port):
Batteries are Low
Please Replace the 6 AA Size Batteries
Signal Problems
Blinking Red Light
If The Unit Isnít Receiving a Signal:
Opening Screen
The Key Pad
Alpha Mode
The Menu
Set Phone Numbers
A. Personal Contact Phone Numbers
B. Emergency Contact Phone Numbers
C. Alpha Mode
D. Alarm Setting
2. The Clock/Alarm Clock
3. Radio Station.
4. Select Community
Scrolling Ads
Community Messages
Personal Contact Messages
Emergency Messages
Zip Codes
Traffic Reports
Entertainment Radio
Live Messages
Additional Information
Things not to do with the receiver:
Important Safety Instructions
Options and Accessories
FM Tuner (addition)
Auto Power Accessory
Message Printer
Class B Equipment
Limited Ninety Day Warranty

Entertainment Radio

Each unit is equipped with a speaker and volume control to allow the user to listen to the radio station that is also broad-casting DataFM codes. You can not listen to other stations and receive data unless you purchase an entertainment radio tuning option. Consult your system operator for details. To turn the audio on and off press dpad.jpg - 1207 Bytes . If you tune the radio to a station not broadcasting DataFM data you will be programing that station as your home station. THAT IS AN ERROR. It will force the receiver into scan mode and it will assume the hometown station is off the air. Always program your hometown station from the key pad to receive your messages.

Live Messages

Live Messages require a special access number. These messages are not stored in memory and only display once for one minute. These could be used in promotional contests by the radio station or for classified ads. These special phone numbers would be entered into the Community Messenger in the same way as your personal contact messages. We anticipate that these numbers will be used only for special advertising and promotional functions and you will be notified by the system operator when these numbers will be used so you can monitor the message.


Paging requires private codes and private codes must be programed into your receiver by the system administrator. Messenger paging operates much the same as your standard pager. For more information contact your system administrator or go to