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Community Messenger will empower you to reach a selected audience. From your local church group, club, school, or to a citywide announcement, one phone call is all that is needed to send a message. You simply lease a number from Community Messenger and notify the members of your group of the new number. You then send the message by one of three methods.

1. Use a supplied username and password to login to the messaging center on this web site. There you can type in your message and send it from your browser.

2. Dial a specified number and key in a number on the telephone that corresponds to a message you have previously setup at Community Messenger.

3. Use a supplied computer program to type in a short message of eighty characters or less. The program will then dial in to Community Messenger's computer and leave the message.

Once either method is completed, the message will be sent out over a local or regional area, and is received with Community Messenger.

For further information about pricing, or any other question you might have about leasing a number, call the Ringgold Telephone Company at (706) 937 - 8845.

Community Messenger
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